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For example, auction off a private fire safety inspection, a BBQ dinner cooked by firefighters, or perhaps even have a fire truck escort kids to school for a day. When someone calls 911 for a fire, they want to know there will be someone there for them. Your station has the responsibility to help people through some of the most challenging times in their lives. It is not unreasonable to expect the same people to help you make sure that can happen. These fundraising ideas should not only help raise money for your station but strengthen relationships with your community. Middle schoolers are all about expressing their individuality, making talent shows an ideal middle school fundraising idea!
The best way to raise money with this idea is to create a campaign online and turn it into a peer-to-peer campaign. Invite students and teachers to create their own fundraising pages and ask them to reach out to their friends and families for donations. This will help boost donations and increase the outreach of your campaign. But it can be overwhelming to decide what kind of fundraiser is right for your workplace — there are so many causes, platforms and ways to raise money. Our platform is designed for the everyday user and offers several different fundraising options for your workplace.
Use an app like Actionbound to set up a scavenger hunt that combines an IRL (in real life) experience with augmented reality. Set up a small fee as an optional donation and let everyone know that it’s for a good cause. If your event is tax deductible, an end-of-year event might inspire additional donations from those seeking to meet certain charitable giving thresholds. Host it in a dining hall, ballroom, or similar indoor venue, which can have better acoustics than outdoor settings. The overhead cost is an estimate of how much you’d have to pay to run an event like this.
On the big day, have your chosen volunteer livestream their adrenaline-filled experience so your supporters can watch from home. To pull in some more money, sell virtual tickets to the livestream experience. For this fundraiser, you’ll need a flock of pink plastic lawn flamingos. Then, tell Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas can have the flamingos removed for $10 each. The best seat in the house fundraiser is essentially a raffle fundraiser—the only difference is that the prize is two great seats to a sports game, concert, or another performance. Dog walking is a fundraiser that can be used by nearly every type of organization, but the event itself tends to work best for organizations that have a focus on animals.
Plus, it’s a delicious way to raise money for just about any cause. In the same vein as the classic Chocolate Bar Fundraiser comes a brand new fundraising idea called the pretzel rod fundraiser. Our high-quality pretzel rods have been dipped in chocolate and covered in delicious sweets.