RMC design, supply and install a wide range of doors made from either top quality timber, composite or uPVC. Una utilises a timber door leaf with a concealed metal frame. Made to suit custom sizes, provided as a flat-packed kit prepared for all ironmongery.
Shadbolt acoustic doors and doorsets are purpose-made to provide superior appearance combined with good or excellent sound insulation in a wide range of applications. London’s number-one timber window and door replacement company. Our stable doors can be constructed from solid timber or be partially glazed. They can be fitted with traditional wrought iron or contemporary ironmongery, including multipoint locking systems. Bi-folding doors help to brighten rooms and create the illusion of space. Our ironmongery for bi-folding doors is made from marine grade stainless steel to ensure a maintenance-free long life.
Handmade by Italian craftsmen from luxurious FSC-certified wood. Each frame is structurally built up of multiple timber layers, making the timber windows as strong as steel, while maintaining a low weight and supreme energy efficiency. We deal with top manufactures such as Bereco to give you a vast options of Flush Casement, Lipped Casement, Sash Windows, Front Entrance Doors, Stable Doors, Bi Folds and French doors in 100’s of colours. In aircraft, doors from pressurized sections to un-pressurized compartments or the exterior can pose risk if they open during flight. These concerns are typically mitigated with plug doors, which open in toward the pressurized compartment and are forced into their door frames by the difference in air pressure.
The office is 22,105 sq ft with 5,380 sq ft for co-creation comprising collaborative areas and a customer experience hub. The centre was built in just 100 days, which required a particularly close collaboration with the project team. They require very little maintenance and offer modern standards of security and significant energy saving specifications. Custom Timber Doors can make like for like replacements or to your drawings and specifications. Most customers choose our standard range of designs and options.
This is how to clean timber, repair any damage and more to restore internal doors to their original greatness. At Cornell Security Doors we offer a wide range of fire doors designed to suit your requirements. We are certified by the British Woodworking Federation for fire door installation awareness and have installed well over 500+ doors around England certified to meet all british standards. When you compare their overall lifespan to that of a uPVC or aluminium door, this is a small price to pay. Whichever style you opt for, it’s comforting to know that you can easily paint or varnish your wooden doors if you want to change the look and feel of your home at any time in the future.
On some doors, especially antique ones, the ledges are replaced with iron bars that are often built into the hinges as extensions of the door-side plates. Light – a piece of glass used in place of a panel, essentially giving the door a window. Evolution Door is a trackless door that moves in the same closure level as a sliding door. Invented by Austrian artist Klemens Torggler, is a further development of the Drehplattentür that normally consists of two rotatable, connected panels which move to each other when opening.
It can be the best solution for those areas prone to unpredictable rains. As it is nonporous, any fluids including rainwater will bounce off it instead of causing any damage. All our External Doors are made to order and have a 3 week lead time. Don’t miss out the latest news on the Architecture and Design brands and products and immediately receive a 10% discount on your first purchase.